Bridgeport Film Festival
Bridgeport, Connecticut

July 23rd to 30th, 2021

Liverpool Underground Film Festival
Liverpool, United Kingdom

July 23rd to 30th, 2021

Motor City Nightmares Film Festival
Novi, Michigan

July 30th, 2021 2:30pm EDT


Red = The World’s 50 Best Genre Festivals 2021, Presented by FilmFreeway
Blue = Oscar-qualifying film festivals

2021 Film Festivals

  1. Asians on Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  2. NOX Film Fest (Salto, Uruguay)
  3. Central Florida Film Festival (Tavares, Florida)
    •  Best Suspense/Horror Short Film – Nominated
  4. Nasty Frames Independent Film Festival (Ontario, Canada)
  5. Cinebug Twitch Film Festival (Italy)
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang)
    • Best Screenplay Award (Ivan Tsang & Dinh Thai)
  6. The Grave Plot Film Fest (Seattle, Washington)
    • Best Director (Dinh Thai)
  7. Final Girls Berlin Film Festival (Berlin, Germany)
  8. Los Angeles Crime and Horror Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  9. Texas Terror Film Festival (Dallas, Texas)
  10. Dam Short Film Festival (Boulder City, Nevada)
  11. Bloody Flicks Awards (Stoke on Trent, United Kingdom)
  12. Panama Horror Film Festival (Panama, Panama)
  13. Nevermore Film Festival (Durham, North Carolina)
  14. McMinnville Short Film Festival (McMinnville, Oregon)
    • Best Suspense/Horror/Sci-fi – Nominated
  15. Beeston Film Festival (Nottingham, United Kingdom)
  16. William & Mary Global Film Festival (Williamsburg, Virginia)
  17. Fixion Fantastic & Horror Film Festival (Santiago, Chile)
  18. Snowdance Independent Film Festival (Landsberg am Lech, Germany)
  19. Fantaspoa (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
  20. Panic Fest (North Kansas City, Missouri)
  21. GeekFest Film Fest
  22. Fargo Fantastic Film Festival (Fargo, North Dakota)
  23. Flickers’ Roving Eye International Film Festival (Providence, Rhode Island)
  24. White Nights Film Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  25. Nooga Film Fest (Winchester, Virginia)
    • Best Actor (Edward Hong) – Nominated
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  26. Queen City Film Festival (Cumberland, Maryland)
  27. NewFilmmakers Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)
  28. FirstGlance Film Festival Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California)
    • Best Horror
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  29. Tonkawa Film Festival (Tonkawa, Oklahoma)
  30. Cine Underground Film Festival (Busto Arsizio, Italy)
  31. Milwaukee Twisted Dreams Film Festival (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
    • Best Supporting Actor Short Film (Josephine Chang)
    • Best Screenplay (Ivan Tsang) – Nominated
  32. Los Angeles International Horror Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  33. Chattanooga Film Festival (Chattanooga, Tennessee)
  34. Liverpool Underground Film Festival (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
    • Best Short / June 2020 edition
    • Best Editing / June 2020 edition
  35. Houston Horror Film Festival (Houston, Texas)
    • Best Actress Short Film (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  36. Southport Film Fest (Southport, United Kingdom)
    • Best in Horror
  37. PopCon International Film Festival (Indianapolis, Indiana)
    • Best Horror/Thriller – Nominated
    • Best Sound Design (Venus Leone) – Nominated
    • Best Villain (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  38. San Francisco Frozen Film Festival (San Francisco, California)
    • Best Horror Film – Nominated
  39. Motor City Nightmares Film Festival (Novi, Michigan)
  40. Ravenheart International Film Festival (Oslo, Norway)
  41. Thrills, Chills, and Kills Summer Film Fest
    • Best Writing
    • Best Acting (Ensemble)
  42. Bridgeport Film Fest (Bridgeport, Connecticut)
    • Best Horror – Nomination
  43. LA Asian Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  44. LA Horror Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  45. Wallachia International Film Festival (București, Romania)
  46. The Halloween Horror Picture Show (Orlando, Florida)
  47. B Movie Underground & Trash Film Festival (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  48. Camp Horror Film Festival (Missoula, Montana)
  49. New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival (Atlantic City, New Jersey)
  50. VOB Film Festival (Carmel, New York)
  51. Videoscream International Film Festival (Portland, Oregon)
  52. Idaho Horror Film Festival (Boise, Idaho)
  53. FilmQuest (Provo, Utah)
  54. Twin Tiers International Film Festival (Endicott, New York)
    • Best Horror Film – Nominated
  55. Dark Arts Film Festival (Amsterdam)

2020 Film Festivals

  1. DC Asian Pacific American Film Festival (Washington, D.C.)
  2. Portland Horror Film Festival (Portland, Oregon)
  3. Monsterflix Awards (Brno, Czech Republic)
  4. Sick ‘N’ Wrong Film Festival (Orlando, Florida)
    • Mink Stole Award (Josephine Chang)
  5. Trí Rivers Film Festival (Strabane, Ireland)
  6. Something Wicked Film Festival (Lawrenceville, Georgia)
    • Best Horror Short Film / Main Award
    • Best Horror Short Film / Festival Director Award
    • Best Female Actor In A Short Film (Josephine Chang) / Festival Director Award
    • Most Believable Film / Festival Director Award
    • Best Female Actor In A Short Film (Josephine Chang) / Main Award – Nominated
    • Best Male Actor In A Short Film (Edward Hong) / Main Award – Nominated
  7. Be Epic! London Film Festival (London, United Kingdom)
  8. Indy Film Fest (Indianapolis, Indiana)
  9. Oregon Short Film Festival (The Dalles, Oregon)
    • Best Dark Comedy – Nominated
  10. Happenstance Horror Fest (Barrington, New Hampshire)
  11. Macabro Horror Film Festival (Mexico City, Mexico)
  12. Buffalo Dreams Fantastic Film Festival (Buffalo, New York)
    • Outstanding Short Film – Nominated
  13. Horrible Imaginings (Santa Ana, California)
    • Best Actor in a Short Film (Edward Hong) – Nominated
    • Funniest Horror Comedy – Nominated |RUNNER-UP|
  14. Atlanta Underground Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)
  15. Threadbare Mitten Film Festival (Lansing, Michigan)
  16. Summer in the South (Atlanta, Georgia)
    • Best Dark Comedy – Nominated
  17. GenreBlast Film Festival (Winchester, Virginia)
    • Best Actress In A Short Film (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  18. HorrorHound Film Festival (Milford, Ohio)
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang)
    • Best Cinematography (Reuben Steinberg) – Nominated
    • Best Actor (Edward Hong) – Nominated
    • Best Short Film – Nominated
  19. Charlotte Film Festival (Charlotte, North Carolina)
  20. A Night Of Horror International Film Festival (Sydney, Australia)
  21. Mr. HoleHead’s Warped Dimension (San Francisco, California)
  22. Halloween International Film Festival (Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina)
  23. Salem Horror Fest (Salem, Massachusetts)
  24. Silicon Valley Asian American Pacific Film Fest (San Jose, California)
  25. Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  26. The Dead Of Night Film Festival (Liverpool, United Kingdom)
  27. Screamfest Horror Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  28. Killer Valley Horror Film Festival (Ashland, Oregon)
  29. Highlands Film Fest (Highlands, New Jersey)
  30. Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival (Apopka, Florida)
    • Best Acting1st Place
  31. San Francisco Independent Short Film Festival (San Francisco, California)
  32. Devil’s Night Gallery (Waterford, Michigan)
  33. Ontario International Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
  34. Phoenix FearCON (Phoenix, Arizona)
  35. Dead in Decatur Film Festival (Decatur, Illinois)
  36. Atlanta Horror Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)
  37. Sacramento Horror Film Festival (Sacramento, California)
  38. Love Horror Short Film Festival (Sacramento, California)
  39. Hellifax Horror Fest (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
    • Best Horror Comedy
  40. Boston Asian American Film Festival (Boston, Massachusetts)
  41. Toronto Indie Horror Film Festival (Toronto, Canada)
  42. Oregon Scream Week Horror Film Festival (The Dalles, Oregon)
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  43. LUSCA Fantastic Film Fest (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
  44. The Vancouver Horror Show Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)
    • Outstanding Ensemble Cast – Nominated
  45. Bushwick Film Festival (Brooklyn, New York)
  46. Portland Comedy Film Festival (The Dalles, Oregon)
  47. Horrorfest International (St. George, Utah)
  48. Screaming Ostrich International Film Festival (Arlington, Massachusetts)
    • Best Horror
  49. Sin City Horror Fest (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  50. Bleedingham Horror Film Festival (Bleedingham, Washington)
  51. Nightmares Film Festival (Columbus, Ohio)
  52. Bogotá Horror Film Festival (Bogotá, Columbia)
  53. Screamfest New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana)
  54. HorrorHaus Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
    • Best Horror Comedy – Nominated
  55. Southern Horror Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)
    • Best Horror Comedy – Nominated
    • Best Director (Dinh Thai) – Nominated
  56. HEX After Dark Film Festival (Calgary, Canada)
  57. Night of the Horror Festival (Tienen, Belgium)
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang)
  58. Vancouver Asian Film Festival (Vancouver, Canada)
  59. Reel Horror Fest (Lombard, Illinois)
    • Best Actor (Edward Hong) – Nominated
  60. Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  61. Georgia Shorts Film Festival (Atlanta, Georgia)
    • Best Director (Dinh Thai) – Nominated
  62. Austin Under The Stars Film Festival (Austin, Texas)
    • Best Horror – Nominated
  63. Foster For Foster Film Festival (Parma, Idaho)
  64. HollyShorts Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  65. Silicon Beach Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
  66. FirstGlance Film Festival Philadelphia (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
    • Best Shorts Too – Audience Choice Award
    • Best Director Short Film (Dinh Thai) – Nominated
    • Best Comedy – Nominated
    • Best Horror – Nominated
    • Best Actress Short Film (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  67. Studio City Film Festival (Studio City, California)
    • Best Horror Short Film
  68. Weyauwega International Film Festival (Weyauwega, Wisconsin)
  69. Sherman Oaks Film Festival (Sherman Oaks, California)
  70. Anomaly – The Rochester Genre Film Festival (Rochester, New York)
  71. The Thing In The Basement Horror Fest (Bremerton, Washington)
    • Best Horror
    • Best Short Film – Finalist
    • Best Director (Dinh Thai) – Semi-Finalist
  72. North Hollywood Cinefest (North Hollywood, California)
    • Best Actress In A Short Film (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  73. Monster Fest (Melbourne, Australia)
  74. New York City Horror Film Festival (New York, New York)
  75. Shockfest Film Festival (Los Angeles, California)
    • Best Actress (Josephine Chang) – Nominated
  76. Hollywood Comedy Shorts (Los Angeles, California)
  77. Grimmfest (Manchester, United Kingdom)
  78. Cine Horror (Salvador, Brazil)
  79. Be Afraid Horror Fest (Gorizia, Italy)

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